Thursday, January 22, 2009


So much has been happening the last few weeks I've not had a chance to get on here. I added some pictures to the album to the right under Nate and Zayne but Im not sure I have it set up like it needs to be yet. To view them I think you will have to click on "my pictures" and then click on the center album. Let me know if you can't view them. I would like to organize the albums better but I just don't have the time. At least in our picture program on our computer it keeps up with when the picture was taken. I love things that were invented to make life a little bit easier.
Above is a picture from Zayne's 1st hair cut and his 1st cracker. I know it doesn't look like he had much of a haircut but at least his bangs are out of his face now. We can tell its cut. I just couldn't bring myself to let her cut much off. Maybe a little more next time.
We are also in the process of moving to a new house! I hate moving and Drew and I realized the other day that each time I have been pregnant, we move! As if pregnancy isn't tiring enough!?! We needed a house as opposed to the town house. We live in a good neighboorhood and a nice setup here but we all miss having a yard so bad. This house is going to be perfect so I have NO plans in moving for a long time. Its a older home (which we love!) but it has been updated. I will have to post some pics when we move.

Nathan has been sick with bronchitis and had to miss school yesterday. He is feeling much better today thank goodness. He has been having so much homework...and he only in 1st grade! He HATES doing homework and usually has a bad attitude about it which makes it stressful. I dread to see what it will be like next year and then on... I can't imagine right now having to sit down and do homework with 3 kids!!! It is a mad rush once Nathan gets in from school. This is a typical day for me: Wake up, fix myself some coffee, wake Nathan up, fix him some chocolate milk and give him his meds, (right now he is on 3 extra meds for his bronchitis so this adds more time I have to count 12345 before he gulps down each one) he drinks that, goes to the bathroom, and gets dressed. I fix him breakfast while I am constantly having to stay on him to get moving, then Zayne wakes up and I change his diaper then I move Nate along from eating to the bathroom to brush his teeth while I fix his hair, then I quickly get dressed while he gets his shoes on and finds his bookbag, I put Zayne in the van, grab my coffee (which is cold by now), call for Nate to get in the van then preceed to take Nathan to school. I come back home fix Zayne a bottle and snug up to him while he drinks (Im so glad he can hold his own bottle now!), I play with him in the bed then we get up and by then Im usually about to starve so I fix myself something to eat(which has started taking me longer b/c Zayne wants some of whatever I eat), then usually have to change his diaper and get him dressed. I spend a lot of time playing with him with whatever we decide to do and check my emails. Then start laundry and usually having to clean up a mess somewhere in the house while Zayne is entertaining himself for a while. Then its time to feed him his babyfood, after that I read him a story and lay him down for a nap. By that time I am usually ready to eat lunch so I fix myself something and sit down on the couch and watch tv for a little while for a little bit of me time. Then I usually fold up laundry and clean kitchen or whatever else needs to be done and if I am unusually tired I will sometimes catch a quick nap. Then Zayne wakes up I change him and he drinks a bottle. We play ...he eats a little snack...then before you know it...time to pick Nate up from school. Then that's when the REAL busy part begins. He comes in eats a snack then its time to get started with home work which usually consist of him having to read a story(sometimes short but usually long), going over spelling words a bunch of times, and a work sheet or 2. Zayne usually is in need of something after all of this so I see to him and get something started for supper. Drew comes home we eat, (which takes a while b/c Zayne has to be fed his food along with some of ours) we go clean the church which takes us around 2 hrs. Come home, time for the boys to get ready for bed. Nate gets his bath and one of us wash Zayne , then Nate drinks 1 more cup of chocolate milk and brushes teeth (which I have to stay on him to keep moving like I do in the mornings) then if Drew has to work the next morning he goes to bed I give Zayne his bottle then put him to bed. By that time if I have the energy I clean the kitchen and I take a bath and go to bed. Now the load is less for me if Drew does not have to work so that is always great. Problem with his work schedule is that it is not much of a "schedule" he works different times on different days. And I cringe to think of him back on night shift b/c then that whole "after school rush" is all on me. There are some advantages to his schedule thought b/c most times he only works 3 -12 hr.days then he is off 3 days in a row. He is such a HUGE help and we always have fun when he is off. I can't say enough great things about him. I pick on him some when he's off b/c he's always trying to catch a nap when he can. I remind him he thinks he's tired now but the real fun will begin when we add another to the game. You know though, I wouldn't trade it for nothing. I enjoy my crazy life. It has its moments but I feel so blessed to not have to miss a moment of my kids lives. I cherish my time at home with Zayne b/c I have seen how fast these years go by.

Well, I didn't intend to write a bio and Im not complaining about my life b/c I know I am just part of the millions that do it everyday. Just wanted to share the "Day in the life of April Hale" :) Its busy but its WONDERFUL! Good night!
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