Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday!

Lately my sister and I have been spending the better half of our Saturday's going garage-saleing(as I like to call it). We have the best time and manage to pick up some really neat and useful things. Last week I picked up a couple outfit's for Noah this winter, a I Can Read Transformer book (which Nathan now claims is his favorite book), and a Fisher Price dual race track and car toy I thought would be good for Zayne and Noah to share. My favorite find was a Fisher Price Laugh n Learn Kitchen. The thing looked brand new! Would you believe I only paid just a few bucks for it?

Here is what I got this week-

*Elmo Halloween costume for Zayne-.50
*2 still in the wrapper packs of color wonder paper, top-rated children's book, Happy Holiday sign, and (not pictured) 3 different but matching, very cute, Christmas stocking's for the boy's-6.00
My favorite find of the day?!-that leather ottoman that's holding all of these goodies! -2.00! It now replaces the trunk that we were using as a coffee table.

8.50 TOTAL
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