Saturday, March 27, 2010

Georgia on my mind

Two post in one day? Man, I'm on a roll. You can tell the kid's are taking an extra long nap today!

So back a few weeks ago we moved...again. I remember when writing this post, I thought we were done with moving. I. HATE. MOVING. I could scream it from the mountain top. There is nothing more disruptive then packing up all your belonging's, weeks of being thrown off your schedule and having to place your life and all your belonging into a strange, new place. Then to re-settle everything and to expect life to just automatically carry on as it did before. Well, it is not that easy, at least not for me.I mean, call me crazy but I am getting a little tired of finding new doctors for everybody every few years, and figuring out where the closest Walmart and Target is.
But that's ok because this is a good move. A move that we have been praying about for some time now. A move that will allow us more family time. We can actually have a schedule that sticks. The shift he will work will be dependable(except for a few emergency situations that come up every so often). Drew now has a better job with better hours. His old job had him working crazy hours with crazy shifts. The job is in Atlanta so we are kinda back to Drew's old stomping ground(he lived in ATL for 15 years before moving to Waycross.) Luckily we have some friends and family that live here so that makes it not so bad. So here I am saying it again. "I plan on staying here for a good long time." But I don't won't to jinks it. Considering the longest we have lived at one place is only a little over 3 years, We wouldn't have to stay here to long for it to be considered "a good long time." At least our children should be very adaptable.

Below are a few shots of the new homestead. It is still a work in progress. Please ignore the treadmill by the front door, it's not staying.
Oh and Nathan is loving his new school and his neighborhood. He has already made lots of new friends!
My dad and Zayne went for a long walk after lunch. Zayne found his favorite thing, a seed. Dad said he spotted it, walked right over and picked it up, and held it the whole way home. You practically have to pry it out of his hand. If I had a dollar for every seed he's found, my husband could retire.

They also picked me some
weeds flowers.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm sitting on my back porch with the laptop in my lap.

There is a breeze in the air but the sun feels so warm. PERFECT.

Just laid the boys down for their nap.

Zayne and Noah share a room now and it is going wonderfully!

They love to make each other laugh.

They also make each other cry.

That usually last for a few minutes, but today, Noah kept going.

I decided to take a peek.

Glad I did. His leg was stuck.

That qualified him for some extra snuggle time.

He ate it up!

** Just for the record, Noah is not always naked. It was really hot up in their room.