Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kingsley Ave. Park

A few weeks ago we went to this park. Drew's mom was also able to join us. It is located right down the road from us. It is a really neat park and we had a fun time with the kids. Noah pretty much slept the whole time, Nathan ran wild, and Zayne enjoyed swinging and playing in the dirt.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catch Up Post...

Things have been pretty busy around here for the Hale's lately!

Nathan is back in school. He really seems to like school this year, thank goodness. He likes his teacher a lot. He is at a school this year that is with in walking distance from our house so that has been nice. He loves for Drew to walk to the school and pick him up in the afternoon's. He has such a tender heart... especially when it comes to certain things about his brothers. He is very considerate of them and does not like for them to be left out. He has lost another tooth, learned how to ride the "big boy" bike that Nah-Nah and G-dad got him for his birthday. He's pretty stoaked about that. He is counting down the days until Halloween.

Zayne apparently is cutting more teeth :(
Symptoms: waking at night, excessive poopie diapers, frequent hands in the mouth.
I gave him motrin tonight before bed so hopefully we get good rest tonight. We will see. Other than that, this little boy is as good as gold. Seriously...he is hardly any trouble at all. Eats good, sleeps good, plays nicely around baby brother, obeys to the word NO(mostly), likes to ride in his carseat. He is just a wonderful, loving little guy! My heart swells when I think about him.
He's into sliding books around on the floor, playing ball, going outside any opportunity he gets, banana and grape's are his favorite, LOVES tearing down any attempt of my building him a tower, watching himself in the mirror, throwing things, watching baby einstein, attemping to open the blinds in his bedroom, and playing with cousins Lily and Layton.
*Update* -The Motrin worked!

Noah aka No-ster aka Noah Bear is doing wonderfully! He's a little chunk. His little rolls are just adorable! He smiles all the time, sleeps all night, and likes to play with his daddy. We caught him on video tonight rolling over. He has done it a few times before but is getting a lot more brave about it. Like Zayne, Noah LOVES to be outside. He is sometimes a little stubborn about going to sleep, and doesn't put up a fight when it comes to bath time. So far we have not been successful at getting him out of our room and into the room with Zayne. Apparently he has got used to the feel of that small, thin pack n play mattress. We keep trying though and he has even slept 1 solid whole night in there.

These boys rock my world!