Sunday, March 22, 2009

My goodness how time is flying! I can hardly believe I only have like 8 weeks left before the baby is due! I have started my checklist to make sure I have everything I will need and that everything is in place. We have not bought a crib yet and I doubt we will have one before he gets here. I have not made my mind up on which kind of crib I want to buy. I would buy a bed just like the one Zayne has but it makes a full size bed and since they will be sharing a room, 2 full size beds would be to big. But, I have not found one I like that is just a standard crib. Oh well, he has a bassinet and that's all he needs at first anyway.
I've had a few sonograms done and on the last one the technician said she could see some hair! Maybe that explains all this heartburn I've been having. She also says that he is measuring big for his age. As of 2 weeks ago, he was already over 4 pounds. I must say this pregnancy had been more difficult as far as energy/moodiness goes. I'm finding it harder to get around than when I was pregnant with Zayne and I am VERY moody at times. Well actually pretty much all the time. This pregnancy feels more like my pregnancy with Nathan.
I have to say I'm a little nervous about being gone from Zayne for a few days when the time gets here. He and I have a "routine" and he doesn't like it to good when you go messing it up. Speaking of the little guy, tonight was the first night he said Mama more than once. In fact, it was like he was calling me to come to him. Anytime he started getting fussy and I could tell he wanted me to get him, he said it. He also finally got brave enough to crawl over the weekend. We were at Grammy and Grandads house. He has been making the motions for a long time now and is definitely strong enough. When he is in our bed he scoots all around but he knows the difference between the soft, cushiony bed and the hard ,cold floor. But Grammy's floor is nice and soft so he took off. Back at home today he was very hesitant but did it a few times. He LOVES any opportunity to go outside. Every time we pass by the door he stares at it in hopes that we will be going out. Sometimes he even cry's if I keep walking. In the mornings when he gets up I tell him we are taking bubbie to school and he starts moving his arms and legs in excitement, he LOVES taking him. I'm beginning to wander if its just because he knows we have to walk outside, even if it is just for the quick walk from the door to the van. I guess it doesn't hurt that he LOVES going places. He likes getting in his car seat and going for a ride. Especially if it is to the grocery store or out to eat. He love to watch people ESPECIALLY other children.
Another one of his favorite things is when Nathan plays with him or sings to him. Not only does it make him happy, it also makes Nathan happy to see that he can make him laugh. Today he was playing peek a boo with him. He would put his blanket over his face and pull it down and say peek a boo. Zayne would laugh so hard. I wish I would of had the video camera with me. It seems I never have the darn thing with me when I need it.
Well, I just wanted to share some of our latest. Hope everybody had a good one!

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