Thursday, December 3, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Halloween and such...

I finally had time to update my blog today. I don't have a lot to say today so I will let the pictures do the talking. It's been one of those days!! :(

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Andrew

8 years ago we began this ride together.

8 years ago we vowed to stick by each other through thick and thin, good times and bad.

8 years ago we thought we could never love each other as much as we did that night.

8 years, 7 jobs, 6 moves, 5 cars, 4 positive pregnancy tests, 3 kids, a few hard times, and 1 perfect family later... I can still say I've never loved you as much as I do today.

Happy Anniversary.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Here are a few random pictures of our life the past week or so.

beginning to sit up

cereal for the 1st time

watching Baby Einstein together

using a fork

Noah is now eating rice cereal and avocado.
He weighs 17.5 pounds

Zayne loves to squish spaghetti into every crevice of his body.
He is getting better at using a fork.

Nathan is wearing his Halloween costume.
We wanted him to wait until Halloween, but that would be like asking the stars not to shine.
You can probably guess the costume is bakugan related.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kingsley Ave. Park

A few weeks ago we went to this park. Drew's mom was also able to join us. It is located right down the road from us. It is a really neat park and we had a fun time with the kids. Noah pretty much slept the whole time, Nathan ran wild, and Zayne enjoyed swinging and playing in the dirt.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Catch Up Post...

Things have been pretty busy around here for the Hale's lately!

Nathan is back in school. He really seems to like school this year, thank goodness. He likes his teacher a lot. He is at a school this year that is with in walking distance from our house so that has been nice. He loves for Drew to walk to the school and pick him up in the afternoon's. He has such a tender heart... especially when it comes to certain things about his brothers. He is very considerate of them and does not like for them to be left out. He has lost another tooth, learned how to ride the "big boy" bike that Nah-Nah and G-dad got him for his birthday. He's pretty stoaked about that. He is counting down the days until Halloween.

Zayne apparently is cutting more teeth :(
Symptoms: waking at night, excessive poopie diapers, frequent hands in the mouth.
I gave him motrin tonight before bed so hopefully we get good rest tonight. We will see. Other than that, this little boy is as good as gold. Seriously...he is hardly any trouble at all. Eats good, sleeps good, plays nicely around baby brother, obeys to the word NO(mostly), likes to ride in his carseat. He is just a wonderful, loving little guy! My heart swells when I think about him.
He's into sliding books around on the floor, playing ball, going outside any opportunity he gets, banana and grape's are his favorite, LOVES tearing down any attempt of my building him a tower, watching himself in the mirror, throwing things, watching baby einstein, attemping to open the blinds in his bedroom, and playing with cousins Lily and Layton.
*Update* -The Motrin worked!

Noah aka No-ster aka Noah Bear is doing wonderfully! He's a little chunk. His little rolls are just adorable! He smiles all the time, sleeps all night, and likes to play with his daddy. We caught him on video tonight rolling over. He has done it a few times before but is getting a lot more brave about it. Like Zayne, Noah LOVES to be outside. He is sometimes a little stubborn about going to sleep, and doesn't put up a fight when it comes to bath time. So far we have not been successful at getting him out of our room and into the room with Zayne. Apparently he has got used to the feel of that small, thin pack n play mattress. We keep trying though and he has even slept 1 solid whole night in there.

These boys rock my world!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Garage Sale Saturday!

Lately my sister and I have been spending the better half of our Saturday's going garage-saleing(as I like to call it). We have the best time and manage to pick up some really neat and useful things. Last week I picked up a couple outfit's for Noah this winter, a I Can Read Transformer book (which Nathan now claims is his favorite book), and a Fisher Price dual race track and car toy I thought would be good for Zayne and Noah to share. My favorite find was a Fisher Price Laugh n Learn Kitchen. The thing looked brand new! Would you believe I only paid just a few bucks for it?

Here is what I got this week-

*Elmo Halloween costume for Zayne-.50
*2 still in the wrapper packs of color wonder paper, top-rated children's book, Happy Holiday sign, and (not pictured) 3 different but matching, very cute, Christmas stocking's for the boy's-6.00
My favorite find of the day?!-that leather ottoman that's holding all of these goodies! -2.00! It now replaces the trunk that we were using as a coffee table.

8.50 TOTAL
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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We went to St. Augustine beach yesterday. Zayne got sunscreen and sand in his eyes but still managed to enjoy it somewhat. His favorite part was sitting at the edge of the water letting the water splash against him and then jumping and splashing in it. Nathan and I looked for seashells and him and Grandad got out in the water a bit. Noah hung out under the umbrella with Drew for most of the day. It started getting hairy when both the little boys started crying so couldn't play football and fly a kite like we usually do. Nathan wasn't to happy about that, but at this point, it was necessary for us to leave. The biggest trick was rinsing everyone off with bottled water since we couldn't park by the showers. Somehow though, we got everyone calmed and cleaned so we decided to go shopping at the outlet mall. Overall it was a great day even though I still think that the beach is not a people friendly place at all.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


...7 is a difficult age

Im frustrated...[sigh]



1. COFFEE! (can't get going in the a.m. w/out it!)
2. moby wrap einstien dvd's (this is WAY up on the list!)
5. outside swing (sure fire way to make Zayne happy)
6. white noise machine (I promise your baby will sleep better w/ one of these!)
7. car seat mirror (so you don't have to break your neck everytime you need to see your baby)
8. Jumparoo (trust's worth the $$)
9. baby wipes (we even keep a container in the van)
10. SippiGrip
11. this snack (we take these with us on the go b/c they don't make a huge mess and they taste good)
12. Avent bottle brush (AND the bottle's)
13. this book(A day wouldn't be complete without reading it to Zayne)
14. and this one
15. foam mats (perfect for tile or hardwood floor)
16. Baby einstein bath book
17. yellow rubber duckie (doesn't every child own one of these?)
18. baby monet crib toy
19. Many different Leap Frog toys
20. these shoes (they stay on good)
21. all childrens books by Karen Katz
22. O-Ball
23. Vtech electronic book

Wow! And this wasn't even everything! This was a very detailed list but once I got started I couldn't stop :)

P.S. Hold on to this one because I plan to update it as I go

Friday, June 26, 2009


Tuesday was the first time we have been in the pool this summer. Our sweet neighbor's invited us over. This was also Zayne's very first time in the pool. HE LOVED IT! He was so happy in there and just kept smiling and splashing around. He also learned how to drink from a straw while we were there. Can't wait to do that more often!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The 2 BABIES of the BUNCH!

For the second day in a row, Zayne has napped longer than his 6 week old brother! What is up with that? I thought newborns where supposed to sleep all day?