Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We went to St. Augustine beach yesterday. Zayne got sunscreen and sand in his eyes but still managed to enjoy it somewhat. His favorite part was sitting at the edge of the water letting the water splash against him and then jumping and splashing in it. Nathan and I looked for seashells and him and Grandad got out in the water a bit. Noah hung out under the umbrella with Drew for most of the day. It started getting hairy when both the little boys started crying so couldn't play football and fly a kite like we usually do. Nathan wasn't to happy about that, but at this point, it was necessary for us to leave. The biggest trick was rinsing everyone off with bottled water since we couldn't park by the showers. Somehow though, we got everyone calmed and cleaned so we decided to go shopping at the outlet mall. Overall it was a great day even though I still think that the beach is not a people friendly place at all.

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Jen said...

Love all the pics!!!