Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

Noah needed a new pair of shoes, so I turned to one of my favorite places to shop (amazon) to see what I could find. I have been wanting to get the boys a pair of keens for a while now so I figured this was as good of time as any. I was excited to see that they had some pairs about twenty-five dollars less than the original price. He wanted blue (that is his favorite color) but that particular pair was about twenty plus dollars more, so I easily convinced him that an "awesome fire engine red!" pair would be equally as cool. He was happy with that! He has been asking each day if they had come in yet, and I told him I expected it to be tomorrow, but to my surprise, they arrived tonight! He absolutely loves them! And they are a perfect fit. Score! I was a little nervous about buying shoes online since he could not try them on before hand, but I have read that these shoes are pretty true to size, so I gave it a shot. He wore them until bedtime so they must be pretty comfortable.
I love this about children, that when something so ordinary as receiving a new pair of shoes, is "the best day of his life"! Kids have such a wonderful zest for life, don't they? I wish I could record all of the cute, sweet little things that he says. He is always saying something that makes me laugh or smile.