Sunday, June 28, 2009



1. COFFEE! (can't get going in the a.m. w/out it!)
2. moby wrap einstien dvd's (this is WAY up on the list!)
5. outside swing (sure fire way to make Zayne happy)
6. white noise machine (I promise your baby will sleep better w/ one of these!)
7. car seat mirror (so you don't have to break your neck everytime you need to see your baby)
8. Jumparoo (trust's worth the $$)
9. baby wipes (we even keep a container in the van)
10. SippiGrip
11. this snack (we take these with us on the go b/c they don't make a huge mess and they taste good)
12. Avent bottle brush (AND the bottle's)
13. this book(A day wouldn't be complete without reading it to Zayne)
14. and this one
15. foam mats (perfect for tile or hardwood floor)
16. Baby einstein bath book
17. yellow rubber duckie (doesn't every child own one of these?)
18. baby monet crib toy
19. Many different Leap Frog toys
20. these shoes (they stay on good)
21. all childrens books by Karen Katz
22. O-Ball
23. Vtech electronic book

Wow! And this wasn't even everything! This was a very detailed list but once I got started I couldn't stop :)

P.S. Hold on to this one because I plan to update it as I go


ataylor said...

Thanks for this! We love Goodnight Moon as well, it is read EVERY night and immediately Jack knows its bedtime. Plus, it is just too sweet. Planning on getting a Moby Wrap for Hugh - glad to see you think its worth it! Also love Karen Katz - Jack still loves the ones he loved as an infant.

April said...
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April said...

Your welcome! The first time you "unravel" the moby it can be a bit intimedating because it is long (it drags the floor). But the more you wear it the faster you get at putting it on.