Tuesday, March 11, 2008

New Doctor

Well... after all the aggreviating doctor switching I've been having to do I finally found a good one! My appt. went really good today. They are totally willing to work with me on not having a c section. Everyone was so nice and it just felt right being there. Come to find out, this dr. is rated one of the top 10 doctors in Jacksonville! I was happy to hear that.
Everything looked good with me and baby. I had actually lost a pound (yay) and blood pressure and everything was good. As of a month ago I go every 2 weeks and the last month every week. Next Thursday Im having a sonogram to see how big the baby is. They are also going to get a head measurement. They are going to keep a check on this for me so I don't end up with another big baby. I should get my results to the3 hr. glucose test when I go for the sonogram so hopefully thats ok.


The Harner's said...

Hey girl!! Wow, no c section this time huh? I figured for sure you would be all about it. After Nate! Glad all is well! Luv ya!

The Harner's said...

isn't it crazy that you and jen are pregnant at the same time? never thought that would happen huh?