Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Reminiscing and a quick Zayne update

Today I was looking at some of Nathan's baby pictures and thought I would post one of him at the same age as Zayne is now. Every so often I look through his pictures and reminisce over his baby years. He's growing up to fast! I feel so blessed to have 2 beautiful baby boys!

We took Zayne to the doctor today for his weigh
in and he has gained 12 oz. since his last check in 9 days ago. That now puts him at 11lbs. 11ozs. Way to go Zayne!


Jen said...

Those are both so cute! They look so different to me. Maybe it's because Zayne has so much hair.

kharner said...

look at those cuties! it's amazing how different they look yet if you look long enough you can start to see the resemblance. zayne is like logan and looks like a little man. so cute!!!

Mom S said...

way to go zayne .grammys smart boy. wish i could have seen it.

Mom S said...

way to go zayne. smart boy. wish I could have seen it.