Monday, October 20, 2008

Quick Update

For a quick update...

Zayne will be 6 months old in 6 days!! The end of last week he cut his first tooth! He has been a trooper about it and hardly seems to faze him at all (except for the constant drool and frequent poopy diapers:)
A few weeks ago I started him on baby food. Everytime we would sit down to eat he would try his best to get a hold of whatever we were eating, so I felt like he was ready. He loves it and so far has not encountered a food he doesn't love yet!

Nathan got his first report card from first grade and he did very well! His new toy of interest...Bakugans!!! They are just these little round balls that when you put them on a magnet card pops open into some crazy little creature. They keep him entertained for hours! He still is the sweetest little big brother! He enjoys making Zayne smile and loves him to death.

As for me and Drew...well, grab on to your seats..........We will be mommy and daddy to 3 little one's in May! Yes you read that right!!! I'm 11 weeks pregnant with number 3!!! This baby definitely comes as quite a surprise but will be loved greatly even so. Zayne and this baby will barely be a year apart which is hard to swallow at times but I think once the new baby gets a little older we will be glad that we had them so close in age. Hopefully they will be the best of friends and bring each other lots of good company. Just pray that I/we can keep our sanity for the next couple of years!! :)


The Harner's said...

I knew that is what is was going to say! So, not planned huh? Wow! i hope it's a girl this time! Wow is all I can say. I can't believe it! Congrats? :)

ataylor said...

Congratulations April (& Family), that is so exciting!