Monday, January 18, 2010


I wanted to take some time to get you up-to-date with Noah.
Oh. Sweet. Noah.
Sweet, short-tempered, scream deafening, darling little Noah. This guy has the lungs of an opera singer for sure! He is just as sweet and loving as can be but he can go from smiling to screaming in a matter of seconds.

He got his first tooth this month!

He will turn 9 months old on Jan. 30th.

He weighs 20lbs.

He LOVES to eat baby food and has even experimented a little with big people food.

He is very observant. You can tell him what something is and when you ask him about it later he will look all over the room until he finds it.

After many nights of near insanity (on my part) he is finally back to sleeping good at night and during nap time. Another great thing is you can now lay him down awake and he will go to sleep on his own!! I'm sure God helped me out with this one because I've been praying like a mad woman about this.

We think he is saying outside(probably got it from Zayne) he also says dada(also could have swore he tried to repeat me the other day when I was telling him the clock goes 'tick tock')

LOVES to watch his brother's!! Or any kid for that matter!

He has a fascination with clocks. He can spot one anywhere!

He does Sooooo much better in his car seat than what he used to.

Does not take his bottle very good right now although I have seen an improvement the last few days. He is also very particular about how he takes it and usually will only let me feed him.

Sits like a pro and can get around some on his stomach but is not what I would call 'scooting' yet.

He is just the perfect addition to this family and we don't know what we would do without him!!!

I'm sure I left something out but that's pretty much the life of our littlest guy right now. Here are a few pictures from Dec.-Jan. It's so hard for me to just pick a few. I have so many and even if it's 10 pictures of the same pose I still love them and keep them all because each one is just a little bit different.

He already looks up to his big brother!

Christmas morning at Aunt Jen-Jen's!

First visit with Santa. (he was more interested in the gift I think)

Him playing with his favorite toy at the moment. Above him are the animals that he LOVES to look at. He especially loves the Tiger, Lion, and Giraffe.

Watching Nathan play football.

Sweet little guy!

His mean face.

being tickled by daddy!


kharner said...

AAAHHH!! I can't wait to see you guys and finally meet the 2 litte ones. And of course see Nate again to see how much he's changed!

As far as not taking the bottle, he might be ready to start trying a sippy cup. It looks like it might be a sign.

And Thank God for sure with the going to sleep on his own. That is such a relief. And we feel very fortunate that Logan does that as well. We never have issues with him going to bed.

nahnah said...

Love your post on "Noah"!
Miss you all.