Monday, October 4, 2010


All 3 boys had haircuts Saturday.

They were long overdue.

They all now look like handsome, clean cut little fellows.

Unfortunately, my camera battery was dead so I have no pictures.

I am excited to say Zayne didn't. even. cry. He was such a big boy (with a sucker in both hands) and I couldn't have been more proud! This is huge compared to last time. He screamed the WHOLE TIME. Haircuts can be traumatic for children with sensory disorders.

I really think occupational therapy has helped a lot. He has some sensory issues and we have noticed an improvement with a combination of PRAYER (which I know is the main reason), speech therapy, occupational therapy, and him just getting older. Certain noises don't bother him anymore like the fridge animal magnets. lol

He also know his ABC's(and the sounds of some), some numbers, *has an awesome memory, saying a lot more words, knows the tune to a few songs, notices things more, and he even mimiced me when I told him Friday that "We've got to go get Nay Nay". It sort of sounded like this: 'ne not no net Nay Nay'. I think I threw him up in the air and did cartwheels...well maybe not but I sure was thrilled. We even made a song out of it and sang it all the way to the bus stop and back. He is just learning so much and truely loves to learn and I am so thankful for this sweet little boy. He is definitely taking steps in the right direction.

Well, this post was only going to be about haircuts but I just get so excited when I talk about my Zayne and his improvements. They may not seem like much to normal standards but they are HUGE to me!!

*Nah Nah- do you remember when you were here a few weeks ago and you traced his hand on the magna-doodle? Yesterday I started to trace his hand on paper and he said "Na Nah, Na Nah"!
He remembered you tracing his hand. I thought it was too precious!

**UPDATE- Zayne showed me tonight he knew ALL of his shapes!! I asked him where the triangle, rectangle, square, star, circle, diamond, and oval were and he showed me all of them numerous times and got them right!!

10-19 knows his colors and animals


Mom S said...

love it......send me some e-mail pics.

Grammy said...

love it....send me some e-mail pics.

nahnah said...

You always bless my heart and fill my eyes with tears of joy! miss you all.