Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it". -Anne Shirley

It is almost 10:30 at night and I am beat! Tonight was one of those nights I couldn't get the kids in bed fast enough. You know, the kind where you pray over and over to just help me make it through this next hour. Sounds terrible, but you know how it is sometimes. Zayne and Noah aren't to thrilled when I declare it bedtime and they try to make a break for it almost every time. Tonight was no exception. I would scoot them along towards their room and something would divert my attention for a split second and off they go. Soon they think its funny and Noah thinks I'm chasing him for the fun of it. He laughs hysterically. I do not. Nathan kept asking me hundreds of questions and I try and answer in my most realistic-patient voice. Apparently I didn't do to well "faking" it because he says, "I better go to the bathroom NOW instead of after you tuck me in since your already so grouchy". Great. Now I feel bad. Drew of course had already left for work. I hate it when he can't be here for bedtime. It always goes so much smoother when he is here. Boo for daddies that work night shift! Now I'm sitting here looking at all the toys that need to be put away, dishes that need to be put up and more to be washed, crumbs that need to be swept, table that STILL needs to be cleaned, clothes that need to be folded, counters that need to be wiped and a mama that just doesn't have the energy left to get it all done. But I probably will anyway. Well, at least the table. Let's just hope that Noah doesn't wake up screaming like he did last night. Tomorrow is a new day and I plan on handling it with some real patience and a lot of gratitude. Oh, and their Daddy!

**I feel I need to say that it wasn't the boy's fault at all that I was so "grouchy". They really were awesome!

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Michelle said...

I can relate to being a tired mommy! loved reading this because I can relate so much to bed time troubles. My boys seem to get their last energy out while trying to put them down for bed! Some nights are better then other and I think once summer is here they will be so worn out that they won't be able to put up a fight! Tomorrow is a new day:)