Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trip with Daddy.

Last month, Drew had to go to Jacksonville for a business trip. At the last minute, I decided the boys and I should go with him. And when I say "last minute" I mean like he was loading up the car ready to go. I'm not sure why I put in to go, but it might of had something to do with tornado warnings, and a bunch of crying children(Nathan included). Can you blame me? Of course after 6 hours of driving with a car full of sleepy, cranky people I was beginning to wander if some alien had taken over my brain when I decided to do something so ridiculous. The next day was pretty bad too b/c everyone was still sleep deprived, but after that, it was smooth sailing. I can say that in the end, fun was had by all and I was glad that we came! We even fit in a nice dinner and a boat ride across the St. Johns.

One day while Drew was in his meetings, I took the boys to a park we use to walk to in our old neighborhood. It brought back wonderful memories! The park is really nice and shady. We spent many hours there and it was wonderful. We also ate pizza one night at Pompeii's with my sister and family.

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