Tuesday, May 24, 2011

so far this week we have...

washed the van

found a robins egg

read the same children's books many times over

picked up 101 cookie cutters off the floor

ate yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

packed some boxes

let Nathan have a sleepover

allowed Nathan unlimited playtime with his friends (hence the lack of pictures of him)

played basketball

had a nice visit with neighbors

built many train tracks

started a puzzle

layed back in the grass while Zayne and Noah picked some flowers in the yard

enjoyed walks in the neighborhood

watched some shows on Netflix with the hubby

swung my boys on the swing set until my arms got tired

built many towers and tunnels


mowed this yard for the last time

discussed our future and our long time goals

had devotion every night --even when daddy can't be here he tunes in by face time on our phones

stayed up late

1 comment:

nahnah said...

tears again.....I can't wait till you guys live closer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!