Thursday, August 4, 2011

Entertainment Junction.

Another really fun place we visited while in Cincinnati, Ohio was a place called Entertainment Junction. We only had to drive a short distance, to a town called West Chester, to get there. This is home to the World's largest indoor train display. My boys absolutely LOVE trains so it was a major hit!! Even us grown folks loved it as well. The boys were absolutely mesmerized by all the trains and tracks. They could have easily spent all day in there. There was SO much to see, and the attention to detail was amazing!! There is over 2 miles of displays and replicas of when trains were first introduced to the trains that run now. If you are ever in the area, and you happen to have a van full of train lovers, this is definitely a must see! Entertainment Junction was one the highlight of the trip to me. Nothing tops seeing the excitment and joy on the faces of my 3 boys.

Note: Most of these pictures were taken in the play area. All the really great stuff was in the exhibits.







(so glad Grandad was able to come along with us!)




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