Monday, December 5, 2011

Just a cute little house.

Anybody that really knows me knows that I love old houses and houses with lots of character. They probably also know that I love houses in general. I love looking at houses! I love how each house possess a unique feature that make each one well, unique . I believe there is beauty in any house if you look hard enough.

This little house is chock full of charm. It was built in 1860 in a quaint, coastal town called St. Marys, GA. Even though I do not see this little beauty in my near future, I still think it is worthy to share.

I think the front is screaming for a red metal roof and a white picket fence. The trees could use some pruning and flowers need to be planted.

Love the natural light in the living room

and the simplicity of this staircase

Ugh. The carpet in the kitchen has GOT to go! But it's functional.





What about you? Can you see what I see?

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Kim Hatner said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love it too!

grammy said...

yea, looks fine.. you have good taste baby...