Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bedtime Buddy.

Someone has been sleeping in my bed.

Well, at least last night someone did.

Zayne got thrown off with his sleeping last night, because I couldn't keep him awake past 6:30. So, come midnight last night, he was wide awake. But he was no problem at all! He is such a sweet little guy. He laid there, quietly beside me, snuggled up together on this cold, winter night. To be honest, I wasn't even asleep yet. His sweet little head lay close, touching mine. I could just feel him soaking in the rare treat of sleeping so close, next to mama. We quietly looked at pictures on my phone. Almost all 500 of them.

Moments like this are what it's all about. It's these memories you will look back on and miss. Someday I'll go back and read this post and it will make me smile. I'll close my eye's and remember the sweet warmth of his little body close to mine. I'll (try) and not frown because it's over, but I'll smile because it happened. It's like this, you will never look back and think, "I wish I wouldn't have spent so much time with my kids". Soak them in as much as you can. You won't regret it.

I whispered, "Zayne, are you enjoying sleeping with mama tonight?" His soft, tender voice replied, "yes".

"Me too, sweet boy. Me too".

I didn't think to snap a picture of him sleeping, but here is the evidence left behind this morning :)

Thankful for a schedule thrown off course,

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