Sunday, May 6, 2012

When God speaks to me aka read the Bible!

For the longest time I used to wander how God spoke to people. I always thought that it was the actual sound of a voice. If it didn't come across as a wise and stern man's voice then he must not speak to me. I have come to realize that God can speak to us many ways, through thoughts, impressions and his Holy Word.

I have encountered this many times, and it happened to me again last night.

In my free time, one thing I like to do is watch a few tv shows on netflix. I recently discovered a new, exciting show and have been eager to catch up on it every free minute I can get. It's a pretty addicting show. So lately, I've been running to my room at night after the boys are asleep to watch the latest episode.

Last night was no different. As I hurried to my room to watch the show, I was literally stopped dead in my tracks when these words echoed in my thoughts so profoundly. The Lord said to me "If you ran to the Bible like you ran to your tv shows, your family would be richly blessed". Talk about feeling ashamed! So needless to say, I read my Bible last night instead of watching that show. I thought it was interesting that while reading, I turned to 1 John 5:21. What does this verse say? "Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God's place in your heart." Coincidence? Not hardly. God was not done speaking to me. He wanted to make sure he got his point across loud and clear.

I wanted to share this to urge you to re-examine what your putting first in your life. What are you running to? If you find yourself running to the things of this world to fill your cup, my friend, your cup will soon run dry. But the word of God, it last forever!!

Thy word is lamp to my feet, and light to my path. Psalm 119:105

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