Wednesday, April 28, 2010

City Mouse,Country Mouse

I can't decide which one I want to be. Both are very appealing to me. We went downtown a few weeks ago and found the cutest street! It was a tree lined street with some historic homes and at the other end were very modern condos. We were surrounded by big, beautiful buildings. We were walking distance from Ikea, Starbucks, and the theatre for crying out loud! It was picture perfect(to bad I didn't have my camera). I imagined myself living there and looking out of my window at it all. Walking down the sidewalk to our favorite shops. I tried to decide if I wanted to live in the modern condos or a historic home. Then I became tired. I couldn't decide which one I would like more. The thought of having to choose became overwhelming. I am indecisive like that. This is a problem I have. It drives my husband crazy!


Then a few days later we drove around the countryside a bit and it was breathtaking! All of the farms, with their gardens and beautiful, charming farmhouses! There were mountains in the background for crying out loud! I pictured my kids running carefree through the fields, hanging clothes out on the line, and letting the fresh mountain air filter through my little country house. The house would be yellow with a white picket fence and some of our fondest moments would be when we all picked vegetable's from our garden together as a family.

I asked Drew if one day we could buy a country house and rent a condo in the city for the weekends. That way, we could have the best of both world's. He gave me that look he gives me before he tells me that we don't live in fairytale world. I think he is definitely on board!


Andrew said...

Love you and the boys!
From Baltimore!

nahnah said...

I remember day dreaming those same dreams. And then....back to real life in the fast lane. Don't close your eyes too long, because in a blink, the kids are all grown and gone, families of their own....oh no, that would mean that I would be a "great" nahnah.Well, we will not go there! Looking forward to this weekend with Nathan and the little guys. Miss and love you all much!!

kharner said...

Ikea, Starbucks, the movies. You guys must have been at Atlantic Station! Love it there. Went last year for our anniversary. Got lots of pictures!!!

And what is this about Drew being in Baltimore??

April said...

Kim- He went for a quick business trip.