Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Ball

Nathan has always been sentimental about things and I like that about him. He can go a little overboard sometimes but I think it shows that he is caring and that is a great quality to have. About two years ago, Nathan went with Drew to the grocery store. Drew saw a ball that he thought Nathan might like. He asked Nathan if he wanted it and of course, b/c his daddy liked it, he did too. Well, a few days ago, Nathan was kicking that same ball around in the back yard and accidentally kicked it into the neighbors yard. They have a dog. Nathan came in to tell me so that I could go over and get it for him (he knows not to go in the yard without an adult even though it is a nice dog) I was busy doing something at the time so I told him I would get it later. Later came and he walked in looking pretty down so I asked him what was the matter. He started to tear up and said that the dog had busted his ball. I said I was sorry and that we would get him another one. He said, "but I wanted that one, it's the one that dad bought me at the store". "Daddy liked it and thought that I would too." Something so simple to me, something I wouldn't have thought twice about, meant so much to him. I wish I would have just stopped what I was doing and got the stinkin ball. The dishes could have waited a few minutes and he would still have his special ball. Lesson learned.

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Jen said...

That was so sweet, it made me sad.