Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I have to brag

After getting Zayne and Noah changed and washed up after completely ruining their clothes outside in the dirt, I gave them both a bowl of goldfish to eat in their playroom and put on a Barney movie.

Let me rewind just a minute and just say that all day today when I have asked Nathan to help me do something he has not hesitated one bit. He is always pretty good about doing what we say but he does grumble from time to time. Last night I was talking to him about what it means to have a servants heart and helping others without complaining.

Well after setting the boys up with their snack and movie I started up the stairs to bring down their bed clothes when I hear the obvious sound of goldfish being dumped all over the floor. I just sighed and shrugged my shoulders. That is when Nathan says..."Mama don't worry about it, I will pick it up for you. You can go do what you were doing". And he did. He walked right over to the boys, smiled and tickled their bellies and picked up all the goldfish. It was one of those moments where your heart wants to explode from your chest.
He is mama's big helper and a little man in the making.

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kharner said...

What a good boy!! It's great you have a little helper around. So sweet! I know you really appreciate him!