Monday, September 27, 2010

the post where I complain about my day!

Today Nathan and Noah had their appointments with their new Endocrinologist at Emory University. I set this appointment up right when I knew we were moving here back the beginning of March. I spent lots of time making sure that I had everything sent over to the new Dr.

Well, 2 hours before we were to be their, the actual Dr. called and said that they had absolutely NOTHING on the boys, no medical history on either one of them. WHAT?! That can't be, I said. I wanted to throw the phone across the room! For the next forever I was on the phone with medical records (after being on hold for gosh knows how long) and the very nice lady said she would fax the consent forms to Drew (who was at work) so that we could try and get them to the new Dr. by appt. time. After getting the kids fed, cleaned, dressed, diaper bag ready, myself dressed, and this that and the other, I took off by myself with the kids to downtown Atlanta to a hospital I had never seen before in my life during lunch time rush hour!!! Luckily I made it with absolutely no minute to spare. Drew met me there. Noah was pitching a Noah fit x's 10 so bad we could barely hear the Dr talking. Afterwards we headed to the lab. I think Drew could tell I was ready to scream so he took N & N to get the blood drawn while I sat back out in the waiting room with Zayne. I gotta say the waiting room was great! They had little tables so the kids could color and a huge fish tank with all kinds of neat fish and turtles. After that sweet hubby took the boys for their bone scan while I stayed with Z. I would have been fine if Noah would not have screamed every time he didn't get his way. Very tiring, embarrassing and loud! We had to wait a lot in between the procedures. We ate dinner at the hospital and fought the rain and rush hour back home. Whew!! What a day! I hope I have no more days like this --yeah right!! Tomorrow workers are coming to tear apart my kitchen floor, Zayne has a therapy appt. and Nathan will probably have makeup work to no end.

Oh, and we have a rat in our house.

So see, your day wasn't so bad after all!


Quotes for today:

"With kids the days are long but the years are short."

"This too shall pass"

"Just breathe"


The Harner's said...

Don't ya just love days like that? There are definitely some cons to living in the Atlanta area. Sorry your day was so rotten. Hopefully next time it won't be so bad!

What is going on with the floor?

nahnah said...

You always bless my heart! I love you girl! Hang in there.