Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

I had a great Mother's Day this year! Drew had to work, but he left work long enough to bring me a Starbucks coffee in bed. He knows how important my coffee is so I thought it was incredibly sweet of him! He also gave me my gift which was a Starbucks mug, two edible chocolate straws, two nice candles, and a sweet card. I always love his cards! I have watched this man pick out a greetings card. He is quite meticulous about it and he doesn't pick one until he thinks its just right and fitting, so I know whatever the card says, he's truly saying it from his heart.

Nathan made me a sweet little card. Homemade cards rock! He also told me numerous times throughout the day, "Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!"

Zayne made a cute little painted mason jar vase at school and a card. I can't wait to pick some wild flowers to put in it!

Noah colored a cute little card that said mom, and gave me a little flower pot with a close up picture of his face. Planted in it was grass which is supposed to be his hair. Too cute!

That's one thing I love about elementary school,  all the cute little holiday crafts.


After lunch, we drove out to Millwood to spend some time with my mom and also for my cousin Courtney's sweet 16 party! I'm blown away that she is 16! I remember the day she was born.

Time flies!

The boys, along with their cousin's Lily and Emma had a really fun time riding on a handmade boat built by Mr. Mullis, the girls papa. Chelsea played so hard with them and they enjoyed it so much! The kids hung their feet off the boat while Chelsea was in the pond. They would each take turns throwing her a plastic cup and make her swim for it. Each time they would throw, they would move their little legs and splash. Nathan was able to drive the boat back to the dock. He really liked that.


 After we left there, I picked Drew up from home, and we met his mom and dad at the cemetery where Drew's Nana is buried. This was Nana's first Mother's Day in heaven so it was bitter sweet to say the least. Afterwards, we ate dinner at their house.

I hope that whatever you did for Mother's Day, you felt loved and appreciated. But if by chance your day did not go as well as you had hoped or planned, just know that the ultimate Father was shining down with so much love and adoration for you. He see's all of the hard work you put in to caring for your babes. He's see's every boo boo kissed, every tear wiped away, all the late night's your stay up worrying about your child, every good moment and hard moment and everything in between. Older Mom's, you may no longer be kissing away the boo boo's, but you are still painstakingly doing for your children. Praying fervently for them. Worries for them do not cease with age. He sees. He knows. He cares. He smiles down and knows that He created a masterpiece when He created MOTHERS.

Isn't there something just so special about the bond of motherhood? No matter what type of mother you are, it is a day when we are all on common ground.


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