Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally settled!

Pulling up in his bed

He was so proud

Zayne's 1st time taking a big boy bath by himself

Well, the move is over and I survived it! It was tough but everything now is pretty much all put away and we got rid of lots of stuff we didn't need in the process. Im always very uptight until the last box is unloaded and in its place. I didn't sleep good until everything was put away. I can not stand for things to be out of place. That is a pet peeve of mine. We are already enjoying our yard so much and I love the appliances in the kitchen so much better than at the townhouse. Zayne was sick with his first cold during it all and that made it a lot harder. Luckily on moving day he was a lot better.

I don't have a picture of the house on my computer yet but will post it when I do. I tried to post some pictures of Nathan but for some reason it wouldn't let me. And I promise I will post a pregnant me soon!

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