Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I heard a song today that just melted my heart and made me realize again that my kids are getting big and growing up (especially Nathan). I have a hard time thinking of them getting big and no longer being sweet little innocent kids. The song is called "It won't be like this for long" by Darius Rucker(singer from Hootie and the Blowfish). I recommend listening to it on days when you are stressed with the kids. I guarantee it will help. It was funny when I heard it b/c on particularly stessful days around here I have often told Drew that its ok b/c it won't always be like this and we might one day miss these "crazy" days. Like when we can't get a word in because Nathan is telling us for the millionth time that he is a super hero with magic flying powers . That Nathan is a jack of all trades let me tell you. You spend any amount of time with him and before you know it he is a firefighter, chef, bakugan bakuganer, batkid, etc...... He is getting so big and he's changing. After 5 years of sleeping with us at night he now sleeps in his bed in his own room THE WHOLE NIGHT LONG! I am so proud of him and we have been trying for such a long time and waiting for the day we would have a bed completely to ourselves but I can't help but be a little bit sad b/c its just one more step closer to him growing up.

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