Saturday, February 14, 2009


Drew and I actually celebrated our Valentine's Day on Thursday night which was pretty much the only night that would work for us. Drew's dad kept the kids for us and we went and ate Longhorns (my favorite steakhouse!) I got the prime rib as usual and so did Drew. It was so good and we had so much fun. Today when I woke up Drew had me flowers, chocolates, and a really sweet card. We got Nathan a big Hersery kiss, a coke, and card. We don't always just let him drink coke so he thinks its really special when he gets to drink one. We got Zayne a card and a small toy. Unfortunately Drew has to work tonight. Its rainy here so it would have been the perfect night for popcorn and a movie. Oh Well. I got my 2 little hearts here with me and we might just cuddle up and eat popcorn and watch a movie. Nathan wants to watch a movie that comes on tonight anyway.

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Jen said...

That sounds like a fun Valentine's! Jim and I ordered wings and tried to keep Lily happy while we ate them! :)